Vilémov Castle Address

Zámek Vilémov, 
582 83 Vilémov u Golčova Jeníkova  
How to get to Vilémov Castle?

Vilémov Castle is 5 km away from the small town of Golčův Jeníkov, where there is a train station for travel from Prague
By Car

From Prague, take D11 highway, then exit 39 to Kolínalongthe I. class road no.38 to Golčův Jeníkov and then along II. class road no. 345 to Chotěboř

Alternative route: from Prague take D1 highway, then exit 66 to Loket.  Continue via Ledeč nad Sázavou to Golčův Jeníkov and then to Vilémov

From Brno, take  D1 highway, then exit 112 to Havlíčkův Brod, Golčův Jeníkov, Vilémov.
By Train

From Prague’s maintrain station take trains in the direction towards Brno via Kolín, Kutná Hora and Čáslav to your destination of Golčův Jeníkovměsto, the closest town to Vilemov Castle (a very fast and convenienttrain option from Prague to Vilemov and back: 75 minutes each way).

From Brno, take directconnectiontrain to Havlíčkův Brod via Světlá n. Sázavou, getting off at Golčův Jeníkov město, the closes town to Vilemov.

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    Vilémov Castle Operator

    Vilémov Business Operation s.r.o.
    Klášter 1, 582 83 Vilémov, IČ: 25994565, DIČ: CZ25994565
    Bank Account: MONETA Money Bank, a.s., Account No.: 164873705/0600

    Bc. Lucie Srpová
    Generální ředitelka, Tel.: +420 605 200 516
    Zámek Vilémov
    582 83 Vilémov u Golčova Jeníkova 
    Tel: +420 605 200 516 

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    Vilémov Castle is a 17th-Century Baroque Estate and one of the finest examples of Baroque castles in the Czech Republic. The Castle is in the region of beautiful Vysocina in Bohemian forest lands, one hour east of Prague. Today the thirteenth generation of the family Reisky de Dubnic runs the estate and forest. With dedication, passion, and a touch of whimsey our family is curating this Baroque gem for future generations. In 2019, Vilémov Castle celebrated its 900 year anniversary 1119-2019. We are just getting started, the best is yet to come.

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