Welcome to Vilemov Castle!

There is something special about staying in a castle, a sense of riding on the wings of history.
You can experience this hand-in-hand with your partner at your own wedding celebration at Vilémov. You can gather your staff or group for a conference in this unique setting, to get a new perspective, or just to have a great experience with friends. Observe beauty everywhere as you walk along stone-floored corridors with doors opening to rooms echoing history. Everywhere you go, there is something out of the ordinary, no matter why you are here.
Harmonizing your choice of rooms, food, drink and service, we at Vilémov Castle work to make your day, week, or month exactly the experience you envisioned — and a happy memory to relive when you return! That is why we are here. We plan with you, arrange, follow up, and deliver. Or we can give you, your family, and friends the opportunity to just be together with no plans.
We have 21 rooms and Suites. Eight Suites are located in the castle featuring beautiful wooden floors and large windows. All rooms have their own bath. Furthermore, we have four rooms located in Villa Millesimo, five in the Garden Pavilion, and four in the Carriage House, all less than 50 meters from the castle. We can comfortably accommodate up to 50 guests with double occupancy. Some rooms have spare beds, and with extra roll away beds we can accommodate families in one room. Please request extra beds at time of booking.

The castle and its interior, renovated for comfort, is a Baroque gem. The look and feel of a "real castle” is thoughtfully untouched and is a big part of the whole experience.

The Rooms

Each room is decorated to accent the character of the shape, windows, lighting, and mood. For a good night’s sleep, we have selected beds and linens of the highest quality. Prices start from €55 per night.

Royal Poniatowski Suite

The grandeur of the entrance hall is fit for a monarch. It opens through graceful archways to the antechamber dressing room and then to the majestic master bedroom which is the largest in the castle. This large living area has an authentic parquet floor, a stone fireplace, and a private balcony with stairs leading to the tennis court. High ceilings and windows make the scale of the room grand indeed.

Room details

Rose Garden Room

This room gets its name from the breathtaking views of the rose garden in the castle park. The soaring ceiling takes your eye up to the hand-painted exposed wood beams. This room's seating area has a wood-burning tile oven, giving guests a warm and cozy private retreat. It also features a private bath with a marvelous oversized bathtub.

Room details

Park Suite

Sweeping park views and large windows with southern exposure give the room a wonderful warm glow. A comfortable reading chair and private dining set allow complete relaxation for guests. Room features a tile oven, private dressing room, and bathroom with a large tub. Extra beds available on request on reservation.

Room details

Equestrian Suite

This room gets its name from the passion for horses and racing in steeple and flat track. The country equestrian lifestyle abounds in pictures and decorations and trophies. The many windows give early birds a beautiful sunrise view of the Baroque church and Vilémov village in its hillside setting. The Suite has a fireplace with sitting area and private dining table.

Room details

Romance Suite

Escape to romance! The perfect room for a romantic getaway with your loved one. The open fireplace and stunning park views will set the mood. Romantic canopy bed, cozy reading chair, and private dining set allow complete relaxation for two. The room features a private bathroom with a large tub.

Room details

Garden Pavilion

The pavilion is decorated in the French country cottage style. Five bedrooms filled with light and views of the boxwood garden and castle park. Fully equipped kitchen and spacious living room to enjoy longer stays and group meals. Just outside is a Boule court for guest enjoyment.

Room details

Villa Millesimo

An Italian villa with its name dedicated to the Millesimo family history. Featuring a stunning fresco painting, high ceilings, open stone fireplace, and romantic rooms in classic Italian style. The red clay tennis court outside the front door adds to the Mediterranean feel.

Room details

Carriage House

In former times this building was used to store beautiful family carriages. Today we use cars so we have converted each carriage bay to cozy private guest rooms each decorated with its own unique style. Have a look to select your favorite!

Room details
The Castle has five EV charging stations in the parking courtyard. These chargers are suited for three-phase, five pin charging through a higher power red socket delivering 11kW or about 50km/hr charge rate.
Zámek Vilémov
582 83 Vilémov u Golčova Jeníkova 
Tel: +420 605 200 516

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Vilémov Castle is a 17th-Century Baroque Estate and one of the finest examples of Baroque castles in the Czech Republic. The Castle is in the region of beautiful Vysocina in Bohemian forest lands, one hour east of Prague. Today the fourteenth generation of the family Reisky de Dubnic runs the estate and forest. With dedication, passion, and a touch of whimsey our family is curating this Baroque gem for future generations. In 2019, Vilémov Castle celebrated its 900 year anniversary 1119-2019. We are just getting started, the best is yet to come.

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