Dining & Cooking Options

Open year round for large or small groups. Everyone is welcome at the castle!

We change the menu according to the season’s offerings. Spring and early summer: nettles, asparagus, fresh potatoes served with fish or meat from nearby farms, locally connected. Summer offers the diversity of delicious greens, berries and herbs. Autumn's harvest offers the richness of the wild game of the castle forests, mushrooms, and fruits from the local plantations.

Winter with spice, beer, and warmth where Bohemian tradition is the keyword.

The Club Room offers a rustic environment where you sit indoors by a roaring fire or outside in the beautiful arcades with cool summer breezes.

We can also serve homemade pizzas from the outdoor wood-fired stone oven with delicious mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, savory olives, fresh arugula, and carefully selected air-dried ham.

We also serve coffee and tea with delicious sweets and ice cream.

Every year we fill the weeks with different events that suit both big and small groups.

At the castle kitchen, we can work with your group or event to plan weekend packages, cooking classes, and much more. Look to "What's happening" for the latest news or call us +420 602 162 926

To Eat With Us

Our Kitchen

At Vilémov Castle we always work to develop our kitchen, to refine and refine. We want the dining experience to always be a strong memory when you leave us. A castle weekend should be an experience, a journey and an adventure. Whether eating with friends, with a loved one or with the management team.
Our Raw Materials

We have a passion for the raw materials we choose. We believe in using local resources and hand picking our ingredients from farmers and growers who are close to us — or the wild from local hunting teams.
Our Drinks

In order for the meal to be that little extra, we choose wines and beers with great care. Most often small producers with modern and classic wines that fit our food philosophy. The Czech beer is known as some of the best in the world and we can offer a large assortment of breweries finest by bottle or in a keg for larger groups.
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Zámek Vilémov
582 83 Vilémov u Golčova Jeníkova 
Tel: +420 605 200 516

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Vilémov Castle is a 17th-Century Baroque Estate and one of the finest examples of Baroque castles in the Czech Republic. The Castle is in the region of beautiful Vysocina in Bohemian forest lands, one hour east of Prague. Today the fourteenth generation of the family Reisky de Dubnic runs the estate and forest. With dedication, passion, and a touch of whimsey our family is curating this Baroque gem for future generations. In 2019, Vilémov Castle celebrated its 900 year anniversary 1119-2019. We are just getting started, the best is yet to come.

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